Christine Mix Offers In-Person and Online Residencies, School Visits, Library & Art Programs, Workshops for Children Of All Ages!

A little about the Artist…

For twenty – plus years, Christine has taught cartoon, watercolor, drawing, craft and a variety of  art programs at Galleries, Libraries and School and Community Residencies including Frog Hollow, Southern Vermont Arts Center & the Winged Studio Arts in Manchester Vt., the Middlebury Studio School, Middlebury, Vt., Main Street Arts, Saxton’s River, Vt., the Gallery at the Vault, Springfield, Vt., along with several library programs through out Vermont, between 2004 and 2019.

She has taught cartoon / illustration residencies at the Windham Elementary School, in Windham, Vt., 2016, Ferrisburgh Central School and The Bridge School, in Middlebury, Vt., 2018, where children connected to their ancestry and community history, sharing stories through cartoon and illustrations.

 In July 2021, Christine participated in a Lifetime Arts training program, in partnership with the Vermont Arts Council, for Vermont-based teaching artists to design and deliver creative aging programs.

In Winter 2021 -2022, she was honored to be one of the Vermont Teaching Artists chosen to design a Storytelling with Illustrations, Creative Aging Care Kit Program in partnership with the Central Vermont Council on Aging, Lifetime Arts, and the Vermont Arts Council, to design and deliver creative aging programs that support older adult participants in connecting meaningfully and building relationships.

In May of 2023, Christine had a lot of fun sharing her illustrations for a story in progress, along with an Art Demonstration for a School Visit at the Mount Abraham High School in Bristol Vermont for their Annual Fine Arts Festival!

Christine Mix © 2023

Grants from the Vermont Arts Council for 2023 – 2024 are Currently Available for Schools & Community Art Programs – and time is limited!

Christine is currently listed on the

Vermont Arts Council Teaching Artist Roster and the Creative Aging Teaching Artist Roster.
To learn more about Christine and her programs, visit New England Foundation of the Arts, Creative Ground

Christine has some exciting creative programing news coming soon!  Stay tuned!

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Along with Cartoon and Illustration Programs, Christine offers a variety of library and community programs for children, families, teens and adults, such as Creative Drawing, (where students of all ages discover they can draw through shapes, lines, & experimentation of media), Watercolor Painting for Beginners, Drawing Programs, (various themes include, still life, landscapes, perspective, drawing with grids, fantasy creatures, animals, & character development, sketching and journals), Glow in the Dark Art, (great for holidays or learning about things that glow, such as stars, plants and creatures), Make Your Own Creatures or Animals Crafts, and Creating Your Own Game Boards & Pieces. For teens thru adults – Professional Portfolio and Art Career Development programs are also available year round, and can be geared towards any theme or age group.

 PAL member of the SCBWI, CBIG-NYC, , Vermont Arts Council and NEFA.

About the Cartoon, Illustration, and Story Art Programs:

Through old fashioned drawing, cartoon and animation tricks, children get to weave their imagination with literacy and art.  Children learn how to visualize their own stories, or their favorite classic tale, and turn those ideas into sketches and illustrated stories!   Everyone has the ability to create, somewhere deep down inside them, and by applying one’s imagination to a visual picture of a story, the imagination process can be integrated into all subjects, curriculum’s, in education, as well as, the community.   Finding the joy of creating and sharing art, in a fun environment, not only helps students gain confidence, while learning to express themselves, it also opens doors to the heart and adventure, that the child or adult never thought possible.

Cartoon Program at the Poultney Public Library
Cartoon Camp, Wilder Memorial Library, Weston, Vt
Residency at The Bridge School in Middlebury, Vermont. 

Special thanks to all of the children, staff, parents and community at the Bridge School and Middlebury, Vt, for inviting Chris and finding new ways to connect – finding out who we all are through researching our own ancestries, as well as, our own communities and world cultures. 

More thanks to the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts for their support, which helped to make this residency possible. And more thanks to the staff and residents at Eastview at Middlebury for taking the time to let the children interview and sketch them, and for hosting an art exhibit of the children’s work from the Bridge School. It was one of most inspirational and fun experiences I have had teaching art – thanks to everyone to worked so hard and made it successful! 

Spring 2018 – Arts Enrichment Program at Ferrisburgh Central School, in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.   Christine was invited by Julie Gramling, and the art teacher Alison Parsons, to teach a cartoon / illustration artist residency for two weeks during March 2018, for grades K through 6.

Through the world of visual storytelling, in cartoons and illustrations, students learned the art of cartoon drawing and old animation tricks. Through using their imaginations, children discovered new ways to understand and tell their own stories, connecting what they learned in class, to the world around them. 

Thanks to a grant through the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts, Christine  finished an amazing

Arts Residency at the Windham Elementary School, in Windham, Vt., in 2017, where children connected with their

 local history through poetry, writing and drawing… lot’s of drawing!

“This experience was so valuable for the students in Windham on so many levels.  It was one of the most engaged weeks I have ever had with the students in 13 years of teaching here.  Christine was a great teacher, was well prepared, and fully engaged both during the week she was here, but also before and after as well helping with planning and the final celebration.  I would not hesitate to have her back again for another artistic experience.”

Mickey Parker – Jennings, Principle / Teacher, Windham Elementary School, Windham, Vt., April 2017

To learn more about the residency, visit Chris’s blog at:

 In 2016, Christine participated in the Arts Connect development program for integrated arts, offered through the Integrated Arts Academy, in partnership with VSA Vermont, the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington City Arts, and the Vermont Arts Council. 

Published Illustrations & Stories:


Christine’s children’s illustrations have appeared in several Vermont newspapers and journals, Stories for Children Magazine, Back to School Issue, 2012, SCBWI’s Bulletin in 2005, 2009, 2010 and so far, one children’s book, Write Out of the Oven!  by Josephine Waltz, published by Teacher Ideas Press / Greenwood Publishing,  in 2005.

Write Out of the Oven! Received a nice review from the Parents Choice Foundation Bon Appetite Reading List

She also has one short true story Standing Up, published, May 2007, in Chicken Soup for the Child’s Soul Character-Building Stories to Read with Kids Ages 5-8, and is currently working on some of her own children’s stories.   Click on Chris’s Books Page for more details and ordering info!

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 to request more information regarding fees, programs or to request a brochure.

Resume, brochures and references are available by request.

 On Campus Equipment required by the school or library, (varies on programs):

1. Lap top and LCD projector for Power Point Presentations,  and/or Elmo / Document Camera for live drawing demos, etc… 2. White projection screen or clear white wall (approx. 4 ft. X 4ft.).
3. White board, Chalk board or Flip chart with white paper, chalk or colored markers
4. All art supplies, paper, pencils, pens, markers, erasers, rulers, paint, brushes, etc… (varies with each programs needs.)
5.  If possible, light boards for transferring / tracing drawings.  Sunny windows work as well.

Christine Mix © 2022

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